Roolit: European Trademark and Design Attorney

Akseli von Koch

Akseli von Koch specializes in multifaceted and demanding patent cases especially in the fields of software, business models, fintech, IoT, gaming, music instruments and applications, tele-communications, life science, exercise and medical devices and applications, consumer elec-tronics, sensor electronics and MEMS. A focal point of his work consists in consulting start-up companies and SMEs on intellectual

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Juhani Kupiainen

Juhani Kupiainen is an IPR Attorney advising clients in a wide range of IPR and patent matters.  Juhani is well versed in trademark, design and patent protection matters as well as in IPR prosecution in general. Practice areas Patent prosecution in the fields of electronics and telecommunications technology Education IPR Attorney, Finnish Patent and Registration

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Kitty Zarbock

Kitty Zarbock specialises in assignments related to trademarks and designs rights in Finland and abroad for both small businesses and larger international corporations. She has several years of experience managing international trademark affairs, and in handling trademark issues when small Finnish enterprises rapidly evolve into international market operators. Kitty also drafts and prepares international IPR

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