Roolit: Trademark and Domain Name Administrator

Eeva Jukkara

Eeva Jukkara specialises in assignments related to trademarks in Finland and abroad for both small businesses and larger international corporations. In addition to trademarks she has experience in administering and maintaining domain name portfolios, and assisting clients in registering domain names throughout the world. Expertise Trademarks Administering and maintaining trademark portfolios Trademark protection and registration

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Mia Rönkä

Mia Rönkä specialises in domain names, and has several years of experience in administering and maintaining the domain name portfolios of small businesses and large international corporations. She also assists clients in registering domain names throughout the world. Mia drafts and prepares domain name protection strategies. She also handles other assignments related to maintaining registered

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Kristiina Laitimo

Kristiina Laitimo is especially familiar with administering and maintaining trademark portfolios, ensuring that trademark registrations remain in force and handling registration renewals in all countries. She is also responsible for handling amendments to registered trademarks, such as assignments, changes of trade names, and registering licences. Kristiina is also experienced in administering domain names, and she handles

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